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20W Indoor Vegetable Garden System Herb Hydroponic Garden System Grow Lights

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● ALWAYS HOMEGROWN: Fresh & Safe – Up to 10 plants grow at a time

● BIG CAPACITY WATER TANK – 4.5L water tank with 4mm thickness sturdy design offering your indoor vegetable garden system un-worried condition

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20W Indoor Vegetable Garden System Hydroponic Grow Lights

The J&C I-Shape 002 10-pod LED hydroponics growing system smart herb garden is made for those who have no enough space for indoor gardening but also want to grow fresh food without a green thumb. This indoor garden kit simplifies the process of planting, with ready-to-use smart soils, it's quite easy to grow in any weather, and harvest more efficiently. Ideal for those who are busy or have no planting experience. No matter soil culture or hydroponics, this indoor garden can meet all of your needs, you can just pick the way you prefer to start your indoor gardening journey.

J&C hydroponic grow system kit indoor advanced version added a new element which is a self-watering planter with visible water level indicator, it enables the indoor herb garden have the hydroponic function and meanwhile you can also grow with potting soils or just place your flower pots in the water tank. With 10 ready-to-use smart soil pods and the seeds which you buy online or offline, it will be very easy for you to start growing without purchasing extra liquid plant food.

Product Name: I-Shape 002 Lamp Size: 465*193*475mm
Wattage: 20W Material: PP + PC + Metal
Lumen: 1350lm Color temperature: 3550K
PPF: 25.8 umol/s PAR  
PPFD 5cm: 630 umol/m2s
10cm: 375 umol/m2s
20cm: 170 umol/m2s
Peak Wavelength Blue:450nm
Red: 650nm
Ra >80 Power Supply: Adapter or AC230V
Usage Area Kitchen, Living Room Certificate CE/RoHS/REACH



10 Ready To Use Smart Soils Included

2-3 months nutrients inside the smart soils, no need to mix liquid plant food. This indoor herb garden’s smart soils use safe material which passed SGS Toxicity Test. 4.5cm diameter big size with improved aeration in the hydroponic system which guarantees an optimal porosity and better ventilation performance to make plants’ roots to grow healthily.

High Performance Full Spectrum Smart Grow Light

Perfect amount of light thanks to efficient 20 watts grow light with high PPFD. It can make sure plants get enough and uniform light since seedlings to avoid excessive growth.

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Height Adjustable

The hydroponics growing system has a height adjustable light panel, the height can be adjusted to adapt to plants at different growth stages which can be up to 47cm.

Order & Shipping

● Lead time: 45 days

● Packaging Details: OEM packaging

● Delivery Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

Package Included 

● 1x I-Shape 002
● 1xWatering Hole
● 1xWater Level Gauge
● 2xCable Clip
● 10xSmart Soil
● 10xPlanting Basket
● 10xSpacer Lid
● 10xDome
● 1xInstruction Manual

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