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"I purchased two of the "advanced" setups and one of the standard. The advanced setup is essentially a hydroponic method of growing where a plant is suspended above nutrient water and the roots are dipped in the water. I was sceptical at first due to the size of the reservoir. After about a month my sceprisim faded as I saw how well the plants were growing. I'm growing lettuce, cilantro, and basil. I love these systems! I mounted them to the wall to make an inexpensive and attractive grow wall. The lights work very well and are sufficient for leafy greens. I use the standard reservoir-less light and base for mini tomatoes and basil. Around the systems, I grow flowers and even peas using the ambient light from the systems. You can easily use these without the growing pods they sell, with a little reach on nutrients etc. I plan to buy more and expand my grow wall for an endless supply of greens."
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"I absolutely love the look of this grow light. It's the perfect size and looks nice in any room, unlike some lights that are big, bulky, and not aestheticly pleasing. This one looks so nice and modern. It isn't as bright as I thought it would be, but after using it for 2-3 weeks I noticed a huge difference in my baby lemon tree. It was losing its leaves and wasn't doing too hot. With this light new noticable leaves sprouted on top and tiny ones have started in every spot it lost the old ones in. and When I first recieved this product one screw was slightly bent and made it a little wobbly. I emailed them and they emailed back within half an hour, immediately sent me a new screw plus an extra and compensated me with a SECOND LIGHT for the enconvience. I recommend!"
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"Amazing grow light! The first pic is after2 weeks of use and the second is a month later. So much growth in my string of turtles! The automatic - on for 16 hours and off for 8 hours - feature works well. I can leave it and forget it unlike some of my other grow lights. It looks nice on my shelf as well. Highly recommended this product!"
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"I had been using it for my orchids and they have been thriving. My coworker’s Easter Lilly started going limp and foliage was dragging the table. I placed it under the light and after four hours it perked right up. The photos were taken a couple hours apart. Definitely does provide the necessary light for indoor plants."
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"This has been so perfect for my basil !! I’ve had this for a few weeks now and it’s made a huge difference. The plant is truly thriving with this light. I also love the design of this. It’s such a great concept and I love that I can just put the light into any potted plant. Makes this very versatile. I’m so happy with this I ordered a second one."
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"This has been a great light for my plant. It’s very easy to use, just place it in the soil and plug it in. I’ve had it for 7 months in my bathroom with ZERO natural light and the plant is not just surviving, it’s thriving! It’s more than doubled in size and just look at the new little shoots coming up!
5/5 would recommend.
I plan on purchasing another one for my other bathroom when we are done remodeling it to add some greenery. "
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"Not much to say other than “I flipping love it!” Assembly was easy and setting up was easy. The only hard part was deciding where to put this beautiful thing at and arranging my plants that would please me and my guests. Mainly use for succulents and they’ve been thriving, one even bounce back from the brink of death."
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"Assembly was straightforward. Panels fit tightly together, so a moderate amount of force is needed to snap the panels together. Has a nice modern look, kind of SpaceLab vibe to it.
LEDs are BRIGHT! I had initially wanted to have this on my dining table, but found the light a little obnoxious to look at, so we moved it to the bathroom counter. Makes for a nice nitelight in there.
And it does work! I have germinated some tobacco seeds under it, which are photosensitive and require light to sprout. It took the normal number of days for germination, so I wouldn't expect any miracle growth using this light, but it suited my needs perfectly!
I am very happy with this product, and definitely would recommend it to others. I may even purchase an additional one in the future."
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"Love this! Item came packaged well & was easy to assemble. Needed a grow light to get my succulents through winter because I noticed they weren’t getting enough sun (top 2 photos show my babies losing color in the center and leaves lying flat). I decided to purchase this particular grow light bc I liked the simple clean design and color. I was pretty confident that this would give my plants enough light but wasn’t sure if it was the right kind to give me the beautiful “sun stressed” colors I wanted (I’ve seen many people use the purple colored grow lights to sun stress). I saw in the description that it did say “full spectrum”. The automatic timer feature is also perfect for sun stressing them with 16 hours on and 8 hours off. After about 2 weeks (bottom 2 photos), my succulents are looking so much better! The leaves have started to stand and there’s new growth that looks nice and compact. Also, I am happy to see some really pretty colors developing and I think this white colored grow light looks way better than the purple ones. The lights do generate a tiny amount of heat which isn’t enough to sunburn my babies but I feel it helps with drying the soil. My anacampseros sunrise is starting to show more pink and my echeveria subsessilis is a better blue color and now has pink edges, The echeveria pvn & sedeveria fanfare have both regained color in the center. I can’t wait to see how they all look a couple months from now. And now that my succulents don’t have to go dormant during winter, I can enjoy their beauty all year round."

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